Designing in kindergarten always causes a great interest in children.

The task that the education system is currently facing is the training of creative
engineers who could invent and implement new technologies that would have no
analogues in the world. Now we can say that in the next five years the most popular
occupations will be engineering specialties. According to this, those children who
will be interested in robotics and designing, right now they are the future innovative engineers.
Our kindergarten has become an innovative platform for the implementation of
STEM education.
In cooperation with Yeoju Technical institute, our kindergarten has created QUTARIUM for classes in robotics. We have a new modern equipment for creating such long –awaited “living designs”: “LEGO Education WeDo”, “LEGO WeDo2.0”.
So, the using of robotics in kindergartens allow to raise the development of cognitive activity of preschoolers to a higher level, and this is one of the components of successful education at school for our kids..