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Graduation party at the kindergarten


A kindergarten prom is an unforgettable and long-awaited holiday. 🎉 It symbolises the end of the carefree preschool time and the readiness of children for the beginning of the school time. 📚 This is an important milestone in the lives of children and parents. It seems that yesterday we welcomed little children into our kindergarten, and today they are saying goodbye to their teachers.

The preparatory groups at VOSIQ International School and Kindergarten showed colourful performances in honour of this holiday! NEWTONS and FANTAZYORY (Dreamers) groups staged the musical “In Search of the Lost Time”. ✨🐏 And PYTHAGORAS and POCHEMUCHKI (Why-guys) groups presented the musical “In Search of the Golden Fleece.”

During the time spent in the kindergarten, the children learned a lot of new and exciting things and had fun with their peers. Fascinating school time is ahead of them, and it will be filled with new knowledge, acquaintances, and goals. We congratulate our children on this holiday and wish them success in their studies!

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