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The benefits of a walk


A kindergarten walk is a form of outdoor activity for children. At VOSIQ International School & Kindergarten the children enjoy going for walks in the yard of our complex. ☀️🌳 Being outdoors allows them to improve their health and develop their physical and mental abilities. After all, here they play and communicate with their peers, and in the form of a game repeat the studied material together with the tutors. 👩🏻🧑🏼

👧🏻👦 Any outdoor movement games also train stamina, have a positive effect on metabolism and harden the body. Of course, any walk takes place under the watchful eye of our caregivers.

🌏 In addition, outdoors, children learn the world around them – interacting with trees, grass, earth, water, begin to love and appreciate the beauty of nature. 💖

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