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Getting to know theater


Theater not only opens up to preschoolers a rich world of images and comparisons, but also introduces many new concepts and makes a huge contribution to the process of socialization. When children themselves act as actors, they develop memory, imagination, fantasy and speech. 🌟 Playing on stage boosts their self-confidence and their ability to perform in public.

But being an audience member of the theater is also significant for the development of kids. 🎭 They gradually learn to distinguish the facial expressions, gestures, intonation and emotions of others. Observing the actors’ actions, the children actively engage in dialogue with them, answer questions and help the main characters in various situations.

Today the pupils of VOSIQ International School & Kindergarten received a visit from the children’s theater with the play “The Three Little Pigs”. 🐷 This fairy tale teaches children that hard work and diligence always help them achieve their goals. 🤩 Of course, the actors showed it on stage in an exciting way, and our children closely followed the story and got a lot of positive emotions.

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