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Chess classes – developing memory and logic


Today chess ♟ is much more than just a sport. It is one of the reliable methods in the education of children. If this fascinating game is played correctly children will develop an interest in it at a fairly early age. A passion for chess has a positive effect on the development of memory and logical thinking. 🧐 The game also teaches you to generalize and compare, calculate ahead and draw conclusions.

Among the advantages of chess is that children learn to create an internal plan of action, that is, to build it up in the mind. 📈 This skill is key to the development of thinking in general, and it is through intellectual games, chess in particular, that it is easiest to develop.

At VOSIQ International School and Kindergarten chess classes are held on a regular basis. 👧👦 The teacher gradually reveals to the children the basics of this game in a form accessible to them.

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