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Exploring Nature: “Air” and “Water”


The study of nature and its phenomena gives great potential for the all-round development of children. 🌎 Environmental education promotes important moral values – kindness, responsiveness, careful and caring attitude towards nature. 🤗

👧🏻👦 From early childhood, children are interested in any living creature, and natural phenomena are admired. ❄️☀️🌩 Actively interacting with nature, children form the right attitude towards plants and animals.

We continue to acquaint children with the world around them. This week children from VOSIQ International School and Kindergarten got acquainted with the elements of the Earth. 🔥⛰🌊💨 Children from “Newton” group studied “Air”, and children from “Stargazer” group studied “Water”. The pupils learned about some properties and conducted small experiments. 🧪 Our young explorers will continue to learn about the mysteries of nature and get to know its diversity.

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