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Preserving nature: eco-friendly costumes for a fashion show


VOSIQ International School and Kindergarten recently hosted a real costume show 👗👔 dedicated to the importance of protecting the environment. The children and their parents made the most amazing costumes as homework. 👘 And instead of the usual fabric they used recycled and waste material – newspapers, boxes, bags, cups and other things that are no longer fit for use and must go to recycling. ♻️

This task is aimed not only at the creative development of kids, but also at strengthening the interaction between children and parents. 👨👩👧👦 It promotes a sense of closeness, cohesion and constructive relationships between them. In addition, our children learned a lot about the importance of recycling and the ability to reuse unnecessary items.

As a result of the task we saw many different cartoon and fairy tale characters, and even heroes invented by our pupils together with their parents. 🧑🚀🦹🏻♀ The dressed up kids walked the red carpet like real stars on a fashion show!

Just look at these unique and extraordinary outfits! 🤩

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