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Final exams have finished


One of the most important periods for our high school students has ended. The students in grades 9 and 11 at VOSIQ International School have passed the final exams! 📝

Exams help to assess the level of knowledge acquisition in students. At the same time, the preparation process allows students to systematise their knowledge and assess their strengths and weaknesses. 📚 In addition, the exam is an excellent opportunity to learn how to deal with anxiety and fears. After all, a sense of self-confidence and the ability to concentrate are essential features formed during the school years.

The students took written and oral exams. The students were preparing hard together with teachers, and their parents supported them in every way possible. Despite the common anxiety, the children produced excellent results. 👏🏽 We heartily congratulate our graduates and wish them further success in their studies! 🤩 We are very proud of you! And we have a celebration ahead of us – a graduation ceremony and party. 📃