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Graduation ceremony for students of 9 and 11 classes


🎊 A graduation party is a special event in every student’s life. The graduates are looking forward to this significant celebration which symbolizes the farewell to school. It is not only a farewell to school but also the beginning of a new period in their lives.

On June 17, 9th and 11th grade students of VOSIQ International School had a graduation party, “The Future is Ours!”. The graduates have been diligently preparing for the final performance on the school stage. Girls dressed in evening dresses and boys in tuxedoes created a real festive atmosphere! Teachers, school administrators, parents – all those who supported the graduates during their school years – were also here. 🤗

During the official part, the school graduates received their diplomas. 📜 Students said many words of gratitude to teachers and parents for their work and care. Teachers also sent warm wishes to the graduates. And, of course, the students delighted us with the most beautiful waltz! 💃🕺

After the official part was over, a graduation party took place in the courtyard of our school. 🎉 A guest DJ played songs loved by the graduates. Sincere smiles, chatting in a festive atmosphere, and the school years will remain forever in the hearts of our graduates. We made wishes and launched balloons into the rainbow sky to say goodbye. 🎈Let all the wishes come true!