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The winners of the Mathematical Olympiad


Mathematics is a fascinating and valuable #science. Besides its direct purpose in teaching counting, it is an interdisciplinary theme closely related to other subjects. 🧮 Mathematics gives the opportunity to find several correct solutions to one problem, to work with different data, and therefore helps to develop thinking, intelligence, and logic. 💬 It is also called “mental gymnastics” – it enhances the ability to discourse, formulate thoughts, and notice interrelationships.

In addition to lessons, our students show their brilliant knowledge of mathematics by participating in various Olympiads as well. We are glad to tell you that, by the results of the final rounds of the MATH LEAGUE USA, students of VOSIQ International School won prizes! 🎉 International Mathematical Olympiad took place on June 15 and 19.

for contributing and supporting the children in their pursuit of success. 🤩 Congratulations to all the winners and participants on their excellent results. 🏆 Many wishes to reach new heights!