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Vosiq International School and Kindergarten is one of the most advanced non-governmental educational institutions in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The goal of our organization is to ensure the comprehensive development of personalities, communication skills, analytics, logic and physical education, taking into account the interests, creative potential and individual abilities of students.
The international school and kindergarten “VOSIQ International School and Kindergarten” has opened its doors to children who will become the pioneers of the only system of preschool and school education in Uzbekistan, specially developed by the leading teachers of one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea and the world.
We strive to ensure that students and pupils can grow up as happy, successful and full-fledged personalities, ready to apply their mental capital to professional and personal development.
Vosiq International School and Kindergarten employs highly qualified foreign specialists of international level. The teaching staff is constantly improving their professional level at international training courses. Accordingly, they master new pedagogical programs, tactics and teaching methods that have proven their effectiveness in the international arena.
Vosiq International School and Kindergarten pays special attention to the physical development of the younger generation. For this purpose, all conditions for physical development were created. In our complex, students and pupils have the opportunity to try themselves in Taekwondo, Wushu, Greco-Roman wrestling, as well as swimming. Our complex has two indoor pools for different age categories, equipped with the most advanced heating and water filtration system.
VOSIQ international school and Kindergarden is the first step towards a promising future!

School mission

Vosiq International School and Kindergarten aims to ensure effective and high-quality education for children through inquiry, taking into account their individual characteristics, inclinations and abilities and to develop life-long learners who seek to improve the world through application of knowledge, and reflection.

School philosophy

Vosiq International School was founded on the belief that children are the future and all should have equal access and opportunity to a quality education. Our school aims to develop responsible members of the society through instilling an aspiration for long-life learning in our learners. The school values the importance of multiculturalism and respect for ideas and opinions that differ from our own as well as having a balanced view and perception about other people. At the end of the spectrum, the idea is to develop a global citizen who is internationally minded.
Academic excellence is a priority for the school, however we believe that for learning to be complete, students should embrace social values through the learner attributes. Meaningful learning that yields the best results is attainable when the learning environment is positive, friendly and safe. The learning process should build critical thinking skills and our educators treat our students with patience and fairness to achieve this. Building stronger relationships with students provides us an opportunity to have a deeper understanding of their individual strengths and areas of interest. Our students demonstrate leadership qualities and can work productively in a team and make meaningful contribution to the world they share.
We believe that learners are responsible for their learning, behavior and choices by creating conditions for developing autonomy in learners. It is the school’s responsibility to guide learners to make informed decisions, be confident and develop socially accepted behavior with greater parent involvement and encouragement. Parental support is an important pillar in the learning process.