Main Kindergarten


At the “VOSIQ International School” students study from grade 1 to grade 11. Classes are conducted by the South Korean and Singaporean methods, which are aimed at increasing the motivation of students and increasing their engagment in lessons.

Schooling process starts from Monday till Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The weekend is necessary for the child to have a good rest, so that he or she will gain fresh strength and energy in 2 days. 

The main task of our school is the comprehensive development of the child. The main subjects, extra-curricular activities and sports sections: Chess, Greco-Roman wrestling, Taekwondo, Wushu, Swimming, Tennis, Soccer and Basketball.

Subjects are taught in Russian and Uzbek languages.

7 years old child strarts dicovering this world, so the school is obliged to help him or her in the development of this complex science.

Interest in learning and self-development, love for a healthy lifestyle, courage to reveal their skills and abilities, exciting hobbies – important components of a harmonious and comprehensively developed personality.

If child faces with hardship in adapting in an unfamiliar team, our highly qualified psychologist works with him or her.

In case of speech defects, a child in our school has an experienced speech therapist who will solve this problem once and forever.