Main Kindergarten


Children’s health and safety and ensuring their physical development is one of the important areas of work at Vosiq International School and Kindergarten

Medical control over the condition of children in our complex is carried out by medical workers who are part of the staff of institutions: a pediatrician, a nurse, a psychologist.

The work schedule of the medical office provides medical support for the educational process throughout the school day.

Our complex has an agreement with a specialized medical diagnostic center which provides for an annual medical examination of children by the doctors of the center, in order to identify and prevent possible diseases. The examination is carried out by a pediatrician, neurologist, ophthalmologist, otaryngologist, pediatric surgeon, and child psychiatrist.

Medical support of educational activities includes:

  • emergency, ambulance, preventive and curative medical care;
  • annual medical examination by doctors with an assessment of the child’s physical development (carried out on the basis of an agreement concluded between the school and a specialized medical diagnostic center);
  • immunization in accordance with the preventive vaccination schedule;
  • anti-epidemic measures (if necessary);
  • daily monitoring of work and sanitary and hygienic condition of the catering unit;
  • monitoring compliance with the diet according to the cyclical menu;
  • monitoring the dynamics of the health status of students and the effectiveness of preventive measures, the distribution of students by health groups;

Maintaining the medical documentation : medical records of students, journals, certificates, etc.
During all health and fitness and excursion activities children are accompanied by the school’s medical workers.