Main Kindergarten


In the "VOSIQ International School" students study from 1 to 11 grades. Classes are conducted using the South Korean and Singaporean methods, which are aimed at increasing the motivation of students and increasing their interest in the lessons.

Vosiq International School and Kindergarten is one of the most advanced non-governmental educational institutions in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The goal of our organization is to ensure the comprehensive development of personalities, communication skills, analytics, logic and physical education, taking into account the interests, creativity and individual abilities of students.

  "VOSIQ International School and Kindergarten" has opened its doors to children who will become the pioneers of the preschool and school education system in Uzbekistan, especially developed by the leading teachers of one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea and the world, Yeoju Institute of Technology.

  We strive to ensure that students and pupils can grow up as happy, successful and full-fledged personalities, ready to apply their mental capital to professional and personal development.


Practical learning

Interact yourself with the real-world while doing the real-world project and other things to master your skills.

Foreign Teachers

Hold the opportunity to learn from the industry’s expert and learn how to execute things like them.


To encourage talent, we give up to 100 % aid to those young learners who have the ability to do something.

Latest news

The winners of the Mathematical Olympiad

Mathematics is a fascinating and valuable #science. Besides its direct purpose in teaching counting, it is an interdisciplinary theme closely related to other subjects. 🧮 Mathematics gives the opportunity to find several correct solutions to one problem, to work with different data, and therefore helps to develop thinking, intelligence, and logic. 💬 It is also […]

Graduation ceremony for students of 9 and 11 classes

🎊 A graduation party is a special event in every student’s life. The graduates are looking forward to this significant celebration which symbolizes the farewell to school. It is not only a farewell to school but also the beginning of a new period in their lives. On June 17, 9th and 11th grade students of […]

Final exams have finished

One of the most important periods for our high school students has ended. The students in grades 9 and 11 at VOSIQ International School have passed the final exams! 📝 Exams help to assess the level of knowledge acquisition in students. At the same time, the preparation process allows students to systematise their knowledge and […]